Collection: Agolde

"Built upon a foundation of commitment to quality and uncompromising standards, we work to maintain our core values in everything we do."

Much of their product is developed in Los Angeles and Turkey, most often at facilities that are owned by Agolde themselves; this allows them to have maximum control of their quality and an enhanced focus on sustainability efforts.

They continue to cut to order to let the demand of products drive production and supply and minimize any excess products. They are committed to being thoughtful in the creation of denim and are continuously working to lower their environmental impact. They work with a select and innovative group of partners to consistently evolve every aspect of their process to be as sustainable as possible. 

After a garment has reached the end of its lifecycle, the material can be recycled. Material recycling is a multi-step process where used garments are sorted by material, shredded into smaller pieces, and cleaned. Now clean, the fibers are re-spun into a new blended recycled cotton yarn that will be used for the creation of new fabrics. 

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