Darcy Collection

Upon the opening of Darcy Apparel and after sourcing from other talented designers, Darcy realized there were styles in certain fabrics that she wanted for her store but couldn't find. She felt the need for women in her season of life to have clothing designed with their age and lifestyles in mind, while still being fashion-forward. Additionally, she found it important to lean into the ethical and sustainable space as she created it. 

Designed by Darcy Munoz, the Darcy Collection was inspired by time spent in Europe and old film genres like French New Wave and 90s Romcoms. With each collection, Darcy finds a way to give a subtle nod to those experiences abroad, evoke nostalgia, and stay at the forefront of trends, landing the pieces in a timeless space. As Darcy and her team continue to develop the clothing line, the need for sustainable materials and ethical practices grows. While always considering the lifecycle of fabric and becoming familiar with all that goes into apparel creation, Darcy hopes to create pieces that will last a lifetime.
The collection has four brand pillars represented by four symbols; flax, a hand, a pot, and a shell. 
  • Flax — We are committed to pursuing sustainability.
  • Hand — We respect the artisans who make our clothing.
  • Pot — We will seek out innovative ways to make our garments unique.
  • Shell — We embrace femininity and are proud to be a woman-led team, working with other women around the world.

If you have any questions about the collection, are interested in wholesale, or becoming an affiliate, please contact us at darcycommunity@gmail.com.