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Basil yarrow mist by NOTO

Basil yarrow mist by NOTO


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  • A gentle cool toning mist that can awaken thirsty and tired skin, hair, and senses with the unique smell that Sweet Basil and other essentials offer.  The oil will soften the skin or hair, while the rose water and witch hazel will tone and balance. Always vegan and uni-ver-sally sexy. 
  • Ingredients- 
    • Water - hydrating
    • Rose Water- calming, hydrating, balancing 
    • Witch hazel - antiseptic, antibacterial, balancing 
    • Sweet Basil essential oil - opens lung and nose passageways
    • German (blue) Chamomile - high azulene content, calming, anti-inflammatory, sebum restorative
    • Ylang Ylang oil - mood lifter, antiseptic, aphrodisiac
    • Yarrow extract - purifying, calming, wound healing
    • Lavender - calming.