Darcy Collection pieces are made with impact in mind. We do not take lightly the devastating effect that fast fashion has had on our world and do not wish to participate at all. In fact, we desire to offer an alternative option altogether. With each new collection, the Darcy team is taking more and more steps toward sustainability and ethicality. 

The SS22 collection was designed in Fayetteville, Arkansas by Darcy Munoz and produced in Noida, India by SALADI. SALADI aims to create employment for local artisans that live in marginalized communities. Not only does SALADI help dignify the local artisans through education and employment but provides a safe work environment. A large part of what makes their production unique is that they use remnant fabric to craft garments. This means that they use the scraps that the large production plants of India throw out. “Wherever possible, we create beauty with what the earth has already given us.” 

Although we may be biased, it's evident that they took what otherwise would have been waste and created something beautiful with the newest Darcy Collection pieces. We are so grateful to have worked with an ethical fashion manufacturer that is continuously developing and evolving to better create a circular ecosystem. 

In all of this, we know that we have much to improve on and are always open to suggestions, ideas, and resources. Please don't hesitate to reach out! We'd love to chat.