Simple Strobing Tutorial

Right when I think I have the whole contouring process figured out, the internet churns out a new brilliant (pun intended) makeup trend called "strobing." Today's post seeks to demystify this new beauty trend with a quick how-to. 

strobing tutorial (1) simple

According to HuffPo, strobing is pretty much contouring-- only without the bronzer to create shadowed areas on the face. Using just a highlighter creates that dewy, glow-y summer skin that everyone's after. And by alleviating the bronzer you're cutting down on mirror time. The product: A cream or liquid highlighter is best for this beauty trend. For my first strobing attempt, I used Loreal's Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer. For best blending results, I used (and highly recommend) the beauty blender.

strobing tutorial (3)

How-to: Once you've put on the rest of your face makeup, (bb cream, powder, blush, etc.), squirt out a little dot of highlighter onto your hand. Then use your finger to dot it along the following areas: forehead, above each eyebrow, bridge of nose, cupid's bow, cheekbones, and chin.

strobing tutorial (5)strobing tutorial (8)

Finally, use your damp beauty blender (or a moistened makeup sponge) to lightly blot your highlighter until it blends evenly.

strobing tutorial (12)strobing tutorial (15)

The strobing trend is much easier to pull off than full-on contouring, and the technique is quicker to master, too.

strobing tutorial (20)strobing tutorial (23)

Mid-summer is the perfect time to bust out some pretty, luminescent skin; use any shimmery primer or liquid highlighter to achieve this look in a snap.


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