Hello Luvvy — The Shop!

Hello, luvvies!

Let me formally welcome you to the new HL shop and blog combo!! I'm so excited to share this new space with you and this new venture we're embarking on.

It's been four years since Katie and I decided to launch the blog, and every year I've felt the need to evolve, improve and embark on something new and exiting within this space. Creating an online shop through HL has not only been a longstanding dream of mine,  it also feels like a natural next step for us. Convincing myself to get there however, has taken a little more time. Let me explain.

While dreaming of entering into the world of retail for well over eight years now, I've also spent much of that time talking myself out of it. Creating HL has always been an extension of that desire, albeit one that wets my cold feet.  I've often told myself that it would be too hard, too much work, and too much money. I would put up every imaginary road block while daydreaming about what styles I would want to carry, how I would encourage the women that shop with me, and what my life would look like from day to day. 

Maybe it's my age, or maybe it's just me getting tired of "dreaming," but a few months ago, I simply said to myself, "stop thinking about it, and do it. JUMP!" I think many of us read stories about how some one mentor influenced a person to "jump" to "take the leap" but you're going to have dreams where no one is going to tell you that. I'm not saying I haven't had amazing encouragers in my life but at the end of the day,  it's completely up to you to make it happen. So that's exactly what I'm doing. It's not going to be perfect immediately, it's not going to be easy, but let me tell you—it's already been extremely fun. As a serial shopper (I prefer this to shopaholic), shopping for others is waay more fulfilling than shopping for myself. I love poring over styles that I think (hope) you'll love. 

So what's this shop all about? Let me tell you.

Being in my 30s, I've heard the cry of many women my age and older who want to feel like they have a safe space to shop and enjoy. I want this to be that space. However, make no mistake, this isn't going to be boring or anything. I will always push you to take the risk, but I will help you to do so within your comfort zone. You can enjoy trends and taking risks after your 20s! Let me help you get there in a 30 something+ kind of way. That means great basics with a pop of color, trendy denim with the perfect white tee, a striped sundress with a great straw hat. This is going to be fun you guys! I promise. 

As you peruse the shop, know that the women who model the clothes are real women just like you and me and I will never alter their natural beauty with photoshop. That's something we at HL will continue to get behind and have open dialog about. 

So without further ado, I give you shop.helloluvvy.com. Enjoy, and know that the doors of communication are open from you to me through this space. Tell me what you love, what you want to see more of, and how we can better serve you. And lastly, be on the look out for some awesome new blog content coming your way this month. Katie, Melinda and myself, are thrilled to get back into creating new and fun content for you, dear readers. 


What I'm wearing: DENIM, TOP, SHOES

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