Quick and Easy "Halo" Eye Shadow Tutorial

I'm kicking off this week of posts on Hello Luvvy with a little challenge: to change up your eye shadow routine. If you're anything like I am, you smear on whichever neutral shade will make you look the most awake and put-together before you rush out the door to work. Sometimes, if I'm really feelin' myself, I'll add a stroke of a darker shadow across my crease and then mentally compliment myself all day on the extra effort. Sound familiar? It can be easy to fall into a makeup rut, but today's post is all about challenging you to try something a little different from your normal neutral or smoky eye look. The latest trend in eye makeup comes to us in the form of the "halo" eye shadow look, and it couldn't be a simpler trend for this little experiment. Read on for my super quick and easy tutorial.

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If you don't already know, the "halo" look is created by adding darker shadow not only in the crease along the outer corner of each eye, but also into the inner corner of each eye along the crease. The center of each lid is left brighter, thus creating a haloed effect on each lid. Sounds pretty easy, right? That's because it is.   To create this simple, sultry look, begin with your eyelids primed. Spread a lighter neutral shade over both of your lids. I'm using "Warm" from the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette for my all-over base.


Next, add an even lighter shade above your crease (right below your brow bone). This step is essential because it not only provides some light contouring under your eyebrows, but it also allows for easier blending once you've added in your darker shadow in your crease. Below I'm using "Sheer Joy," also from the Naturally Pretty palette.


Now comes the fun, dramatic part: adding the darker shade into your crease. Using a smaller, more focused brush, apply your darker shade in a sideways "V" shape in the outer corner of your crease. Below I'm using "Java," a gorgeous red-brown from the same IT Cosmetics palette.


Using the same brush, dot a small amount of your darker shadow in the inner corner of your eye. Don't worry if this step gets messy or if it seems like you're wearing SO MUCH eye makeup; we'll tone it down when we use our fluffy blending brush.


In the photo above, you can kind of begin to see the desired "halo" shape beginning to take effect. Go ahead and use your darker shade in the inner and outer corners of your other eye.


Now use a larger, fluffier brush to gently blend your entire lid from brow to lash line. This tones down the entire look and makes it more wearable for a day-time look. The end result will be soft but still bold-- the perfect luvvly look.


Now it's time to define your eyes with a nice liner. I'm using a deep navy eye liner, which gives the look a softer feel than traditional black liner.


Add some mascara and you are ready to WOW.


The overall eye shadow style is perfectly dramatic while still being matte (as opposed to sparkly). The "halo" effect makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.

  IMG_4169IMG_4180 feature

So are you ready to give this challenge a try? This tiny change to your normal eye shadow routine could be just the thing to give you that extra pop of confidence this week. And we'd luvv to see how you style your halo eye!


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