Peel-off Eyebrow Tint, ft. Etude House

by Katie Earney July 11, 2016

Peel-off Eyebrow Tint, ft. Etude House

By now you all know that I'm hard-core obsessed with Korean makeup and skincare products. In my last post, I introduced you all to Berrisom's peel-off lip tint-- a product that has now made its way into my daily makeup routine. Today's post features a similar product, but for brows. For those of you with thin brows, a semi-permanent tint like this one from Etude House can give your eyebrows more shape and fullness without the eternal effects of going under the tattoo needle. peel off eyebrow tint (1)

Yes, this particular packaging features an Angry Birds theme; but it also includes directions in English, so I'm calling that a win.

peel off eyebrow tint (2)

The product itself is thick, sticky, and dark. The consistency is almost glue-y. And again, the color looks very, very dark. According to the directions, I was to slather on the tint in my preferred shape; more product is better, says the packaging, because it will be easier to peel off in a thicker layer.

peel off eyebrow tint (3)

What isn't mentioned, however, is that the tint actually dries pretty quickly. I found that when I tried to apply the tint slowly, (and carefully, to avoid messing up my work), it began to dry and gum up. I had to give up my perfectionism and just do my best to get a good, solid coating on Brow 1. Brow 2 was covered in the same way: quickly, thickly, and without too much obsession over making the two brows identical. Remember, your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. (At least that's what I had to keep telling myself.)

peel off eyebrow tint (4)

The tint has to dry on your eyebrows for at least two hours. The directions even say that you can sleep in the tint if you want longer-lasting results. No, thank you.

peel off eyebrow tint (5)

I'll be honest, luvvies: I was pretty nervous about this one. So was my husband. After two hours, I was prepared to see hideous, dark squiggles where my brows used to be. I just knew it would look like I'd filled my brows in with Sharpies. So with deep breaths, I began to peel off the tint (from the head of the eyebrow back, so as to avoid ripping out any brow hairs).

peel off eyebrow tint (7) peel off eyebrow tint (9)

No Sharpie marks! No squiggles! Just nicely darkened, shaped brows. I used a brow brush to get any remaining tint out of the hairs.

peel off eyebrow tint (11)

Another successful tint job! And what a relief.

peel off eyebrow tint (12)

I would absolutely suggest this method of brow tinting if you have lighter eyebrows that need some structure and shape. You can find this product (as well as many other from Etude House) through Amazon.

Katie Earney
Katie Earney