Leaping into Liquid Makeup: A Birthday Story

IMG_5107 Happy Monday, luvvies! Forgive my absence over the past couple of weeks: We've been cooking up some brilliant new ideas for HL. Plus, I've been busy getting ready for a new school year (as I'm sure many of you have been doing, as well). Another thing that I did since I last posted? I turned 32. As in "years old." And you know how birthdays somehow always coincidentally coordinate with that long, indulgent, judgmental look in the mirror at your aging skin and body? I did that, too. Woof. On the day of my 32nd birthday, I found myself walking into Dillard's on a mission that I was less-than-thrilled about: the purchase of liquid foundation. Sure, I'd worn tinted moisturizer for years, and had even worn some heavy liquid foundation for a special occasion or photo-shoot, but actually purchasing the stuff somehow symbolized a certain resignation for me-- a forfeiture of youth. I had finally decided that my skin needed to be covered, smothered, and topped (in the immortal words of a Waffle House cook). I knew better than to just stroll into Sephora and act like I knew which liquid foundation was right for me; I was already feeling pretty self-conscious and so I decided to go to the only makeup counter I could trust with my aging woes -- the first makeup counter I ever visited as a child, long before I would begin wearing makeup, tripping along beside my mother or grandmother: The Estee Lauder counter. The girl who assisted me was lovely, poreless, and maybe 23 years-old. She listened kindly as I explained my birthday situation almost apologetically, then she went to work. She pulled out a beautiful frosted glass bottle that I immediately knew would be my perfect shade, then wiped away any makeup from my jawbone to apply the sample foundation. I watched her carefully in the small mirror as she used a thick-bristled brush to smear the Double Wear foundation onto my cheek and jaw, when suddenly I was struck with a powerful nostalgia: the smell of the foundation was the smell of my mother. And her mother, my Meme. Both women wore Estee Lauder their entire lives, and the gentle, clean smell of the makeup reminded me that they, too, had at some point made the switch to liquid foundation. I bought that Double Wear foundation (in "Desert Beige," which is the same shade that my mom wears). IMG_5055 Luckily I also received a beautiful new makeup brush set for my birthday, which contains the kabuki brush that I now use to apply the liquid makeup. IMG_5061 Keep scrolling to see how easy it is to apply liquid foundation and how light and flawless the Double Wear finish looks. I like to pour a small amount of the liquid foundation onto the back of my hand (maybe a nickel-sized dollop), then use my fingers to swipe the makeup across my forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. IMG_5092 Next I used my gorgeous kabuki brush (by Sigma) to gently buff the liquid makeup across my skin. Using a circular pattern gives my face an airbrushed finish. IMG_5094IMG_5096IMG_5106Fine lines and wrinkles? Hidden and smoothed. Red spots and other blemishes? Completely covered. This Double Wear foundation dries on my face like a light powder, but still offers heavier coverage and all-day lasting effects. And maybe most importantly for me, its smell reminds me of the beautiful, strong women who raised me to be proud of myself at any age.

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