Halloween Hair Tutorial: DIY Braided Cat Ears


Well girls, Halloween is only a few short days away. We've already taken a look at some of the best costume makeup of the season; now it’s time to perfect your Halloween hairdo.

After combing the internet for super-rad hair styles, I was most impressed with these adorable braided animal ears. I decided to give them a try and found the whole process surprisingly easy.

cat ear braid_logos (1)

This style is not only simple, but it also ideal for other animal costumes (dog, bear, fox, deer, etc). Or you could try something crazy with it, like devil horns or Medusa hair. Other perks: you don’t have to be great at doing hair to achieve this look, nor will it fall apart after five minutes.

What you will need: 

pipe cleaners * small hair rubber bands  * bobby pins

cat ears braid (3)

How to do it:

Start with your hair down, parted in the middle.

cat ears braid (5)

Using small elastics, created two square sections at the front of your hairline. In other words, make two little pigtails on either side of your part.

cat ears braid (7)

Before you start braiding, take two of your pipe cleaners and twist them together to create what will become the third section in your braid. I used black, but you can find pipe cleaners in pretty much every color at your local mega-store.

cat ears braid (8)

Wrap one end of your twisted pipe cleaners around the elastic band at the base of your ponytail. Braid the pipe cleaner piece into your hair, then secure the end of the braid with another small rubber band.

cat ears braid (11)

cat ears braid (12)

Now bend your braid into your desired ear shape! Twist the remaining end of the braid around the original pigtail and hold in place with bobby pins.

cat ears braid (20)

cat ears braid (22)

Now repeat on the other side!

cat ears braid (25)

cat ears braid (28)

This hairstyle works great with medium to long hair. You can leave your remaining hair down or pull it back for an edgier cat-woman look.

cat ears braid (31)

cat ears braid (37)

Happy Halloween, luvvies! Don’t forget to share your spooky makeup, costumes, and hairstyles with us on twitter, IG, and facebook.

Have a great Halloween and don't forget your lipstick!



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