Grape Goals: Purple Lippie for Spring

When it comes to finding inspiration for my makeup posts here at HL, one of my main sites is actually Instagram. And while I follow a ton of cosmetic brands and famous beauty bloggers, my major sources of inspo always seem to be gorgeous gals from my own friend circle. The idea for today's purple lip post is one that I totally ripped off of an IG friend (Christy Ewing, aka, @thumbsucker, if you're trying to creep); earlier this week I scrolled upon an adorable picture in which this particular friend was wearing blue lipstick. And truthfully, she wasn't just wearing it-- she was owning it. This got me wondering: can anyone pull off an unconventional lipstick shade? Or is this another one of those trends best left to the daring twenty-somethings? Well today we're going to find out. purple lipstick (1)

My chosen lip color today is "Havana" by NYX. It's a soft matte cream formula, and it leans more toward a grape-y shade than a proper blue. Plus it's hella cheap and I'm not trying to spend $20+ on a lipstick I'm not even sure if I can pull off yet.

purple lipstick (3)

To best compliment the dark, edgy lip color, I decided to go light on my other makeup. In other words, I skipped blush and heavy eye makeup and instead focused on creamy contouring and heavy brows.

purple lipstick (4)purple lipstick (6)

Now for the moment of truth: the purple lipstick.

purple lipstick (7)

To get a nice, defined cupid's bow, I started by making a small X at the center of my top lip.

purple lipstick (8)

Next I used the felt-tipped applicator to smooth the lip color all across my top lip. It comes out a bit lighter than I expected-- almost a berry shade. Two coats were perfect for me.

purple lipstick (10)

I filled in the bottom lip and then covered it with a second application as well. purple lipstick (11)

I can't lie: I totally luvv it. This particular formula is matte, (as opposed to shimmery), so I seriously think this could be wearable for work. purple lipstick (12)

Without loud eye shadow or bright blush, the bold lips and brows really stand out. purple lipstick (13)purple lipstick (16)

This trend definitely has my stamp of approval, and this purpley-blue shade is the perfect bold lip color to try out before the pastels of Spring take over our makeup bags.


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