Double Dutch Braid Tutorial

As some of you can probably tell, I have very fine hair. My fiance calls it "baby hair." Some days I feel like Homer Simpson or Charlie Brown as I attempt the latest trends with what feels like three pathetic little hairs. Because I don't have a full head of thick, luxurious hair, I sometimes shy away from braided styles; my braids can end up looking a little wimpy. But today's double Dutch braids are the perfect pulled-out, messy answer to my thin-hair woes.


For those of you who are intimidated by any French or Dutch-style braiding, fear not: this style is so easy to learn! (And if you get stuck, try this little video.) Begin with your hair parted in the middle. Separate a small section at the front of one side, then create a squared-off section directly behind it. Go ahead and pin that squared-off section back.


In the free-hanging section at the front, take out three tiny pieces of hair to begin your first Dutch braid.


Go ahead and pick up a little extra hair with each piece while you braid, but rather than bringing each section over the center piece of hair (like in a French braid), you'll bring it under to create the Dutch braid.


Make sure you keep the braid tight and aligned with your hairline. Continue the Dutch braid back toward your ear, then right above the ear switch to just regular braiding with the three sections.


Here's the secret to all those beautiful, messy braided styles: secure the end of the braid with a small elastic, then begin to pull at each loop of the braid, loosening it and making it look bigger.


Once you've made your braid as big and messy as you'd like it to be, unclip that squared-off section. It will cover all the hair you pulled from over your ear to create the Dutch braid.


Now repeat this entire process (which will seriously take you about five minutes) on the other side of your part.


Once both braids are finished, you're ready to join them in the back! Use a clear plastic ponytail holder to secure the two braid together near the base of your neck, then remove the individual elastics you originally used for each respective braid.


Iove this style for several reasons: 1) It was way easier to create than I would have ever thought, 2) It's totally wearable for working or playing, and 3) It's definitely appropriate for your upcoming Game of Thrones Season Five watch party!


I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, luvvs! Once you finish your adorable double Dutch braids, be sure to finish this impish, feminine look with some bright lipstick.


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