DIY Graphic Tee

by Darcy Munoz May 22, 2014

DIY Graphic Tee

If you luvvies haven't noticed, graphic tees are everywhere this season! I wanted to jump on this trend asap, so I got crafty. Not only is it an inexpensive way to achieve this look, but you can use your favorite brand and style of tee AND have it feature whatever quote you want. (I stuck with Queen Bey for this one.)

You will need:

-A plain t-shirt (I used the Merona boyfriend style tee found at Target)

-Letter stencils

-Acrylic or t-shirt paint

-A paintbrush

-A sharpie or fabric pen


First, I used my stencils and sharpie to trace out my letters. I used the straight edge of my other sheet of stencils to make sure my letters would be even with one another.(Also, it is a good idea to put something underneath the front of your t-shirt while you are working so that your marker and paint don't bleed onto the back!)

Next, I used my black acrylic paint and brush to fill in the letters. Depending on your stencil, you may also need a fine-tipped paintbrush to get into corners and edges. I used two coats of paint to achieve a bold black look for my letters.

Once it dries, you are ready to rock your new graphic tee! Here, I styled it with a maxi skirt and some chunky jewelry to dress it up. Hope you luvvies have as much fun with this project as I did!


diy graphic tee step by step 

Darcy Munoz
Darcy Munoz