DIY Glitter Feather Garland

In honor of it finally being officially fall, I am bringing you luvvies a festive DIY to adorn your homes during this most perfect season.

you will need



-Mod Podge


-A paintbrush

-White floral tape or a glue gun

First, use your paintbrush to cover one side of the end of your feather with Mod Podge. Then sprinkle the area with the Mod Podge with Glitter, completely cover the adhesive and shake. Repeat this for each one of your feathers. The amount of feathers you will use depends on how long you want your garland. Once your feathers are dry, your are ready to assemble your garland!

Go ahead and cut your twine. Now you will use the white floral tape to fasten the twine to the back of your feathers. If you are just hanging your garland for a day or two, the floral adhesive should be sufficient. However, if you want a longer lasting garland, I would secure the feather to the twine with something more durable, like hot glue.

After each one of your feathers is securely attached your are ready to hang your garland! I personally think this DIY  is best enjoyed hanging near you and your loved ones as you all sit sipping  pumpkin lattes, but that's just me!


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