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Ok ladies, it's time for me to share my latest (awesomely successful) beauty experiment with you: I've broken up with my powder. I've discovered the secret to that glow-y, dewy face and it's all thanks to the cosmetic wizardry that is the Beautyblender. As summer approaches, I'm seeing more and more youthful, fresh-faced makeup trends. Studies have shown that the number one visual indicator of aging skin isn't wrinkles, as you might think, but rather dullness. So to combat this early on, I decided to try going powder free. The smooth, even coverage and look of a powder can be achieved using the Beautyblender and your favorite beauty balm.


blender (1)


The process is quite simple. I took Garnier's Skin Renew BB Cream and -- using my fingers -- dotted it all over my face.


blender (5)

blender (6)



I then took my Beautyblender sponge and got it soaking wet, then squeezed all excess water out. Using the side of the blender, I gently blotted the BB cream all over. The sponge is already wet, so it doesn't absorb the product from your face. And the softness of the damp sponge created the most flawless, glowing finish.

Beauty Blender Gif


I used the more narrow end of the Beautyblender to stipple the areas around my eyes and nose, then used the rounded side to blend the BB cream below my jawline.



Garnier's BB Cream is pretty buildable, so I could have added more product in areas that need more coverage. The need for "setting" the look with powder is alleviated, as the finish left from the blender is flawless.


blender (25)


I added the tiniest bit of a highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones to finish off this easy, fresh, "Hurry-Up-Summer!" look.


for a little extra illumination, i used the vegas strip bronzer/ highlighter palette by physician's formula. i applied only the three lightest shades using my angled brush by sephora.

blender (37)


I cannot recommend the Beautyblender enough. My Little Rock luvvies can pick one up from the gorgeous ladies at Belle and Blush. Happy Makeup Monday, dears. Go put on     your lipstick!



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