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With the seasons changing, it's the perfect time to reassess your closet for basics and closet staples—those pieces that you will wear over and over styled in new and fun ways. Go through your closet to see what needs to be replaced or added to complete your wardrobe. You might need new spring denim, or black and white t-shirts/tank tops, classic button-ups, etc. In today's outfit I'm wearing a few spring basics that I've recently added to my wardrobe for a classic look. I wanted a linen blouse that I could wear buttoned up with denim or draped over a sun dress. I grabbed a new pair (at a great price) of distressed girlfriend jeans. I love the way these fit! And I've accessorized with black lace-up sandals, a boater hat, a bright red cross-body and a red lip. I'm not sure you can get more classic than this and I'm really luvving it. Check it out! top shop hat, hm basics, dolce vita sandals, top shop boater hat spring basics outfit michaell kors red crossbody top shop boater hat spring basics outfit top shop hat, h&m girlfriend jeans, linen shirt, dolce vita sandals, dolce vita, lyndon lace up hm, top shop, dolce vita, Michael Kors, What are your must-have spring basics?

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