Athleisure Style: Outfit Post

As the saying goes, you can't knock something until you try it. Right?

On Tuesday I put together a post all about Athleisure (the latest fashion craze) and today, as promised, I am giving it a try myself. As with anything, it might take some time to perfect, but that's never stopped me from rolling with something.

This outfit is the most comfortable non-sweatpants outfit I have ever worn. I could take off my denim jacket and run around the block with ease and I guess that's kinda the point. This skirt is a slick spandex material and I've paired it with my favorite sneakers, t-shirt, denim jacket and hat. Check it out!


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Gap 1969 Denim Jacket, Asos Slinky Midi Skirt, Stan Smith Adidas, Fayettechill Hat, Black Back Pack

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Are you going to give Athleisure a try?

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