Athleisure 101

Luvvies, it's time we talk about the latest style craze—Athleisure. If you're a style maven you know all about this fashion wave. If you're not, you've probably been hearing a lot about it and curious to know more. Basically, Athleisure is a recent trend where clothing that is traditionally worn to the gym or to work out in is now being woven into everyday wear.  For example, you could pair a dressy skirt with a sweatshirt and some sneakers, or wear leggings with a designer top, ball cap and trench coat. It's all about mixing traditional athletic wear with everyday items you would wear to the office or out with friends. Blame it on the ladies who refused to take note when many were screaming "leggings are not pants," then took it to a whole new level or the women who, as of late, refused to wear their heels from runway show to runway show, sporting Nikes and Adidas in head to toe Chanel. Either way, I absolutely luvv it and let me tell you why.



Look #1—Forever21 Leggings, H&M Open Shoulder Top, Black Hat, Nike Sneakers. Look # 2—Flatform Tevas, Dodger Baseball Cap, H&M Sweatshirt Jacket, H&M V-Neck Dress. Look #3—H&M Melange Sweater, Asos Pleated Midi Skirt, Stan Smith Adidas, Black Backpack.

Athleisure is the ultimate cool girl statement style. While we all know too well that styles come back, (take for example everything 90s right now) Athleisure is something new, something fresh. It's original and it's the style movement of this time. It's the fashion of the 2010s or whatever we'll call it in 30 years, which makes it modern and I luvv that about it. When it comes to Athleisure, comfort is also key. But it's taking what's comfortable and adding a bit of structure and style. It's not about the track suit, it's about how you style the track suit. To help you get started, I've put together three looks with basics you probably already have in your closet. Welcome to Athleisure 101! 


Look #1

Look 1 is definitely the most simple of them all. Grab a pair of leggings (I like to find leggings that are a heavier spandex material), and pair them with a trendy slouchy sweatshirt. This one has some cool cutouts which gives this look structure. Then throw on a black hat and some bright sneakers. I'm absolutely in luvv with these. 


Look #2

In look 2 we are building around this simple black dress. I've added some cool flatform Tevas, a traditional baseball cap and a sweatshirt jacket. I love how in this look, you can style your LBD in a totally new way. It's so chic and comfortable.   


Look #3

Look 3 is probably my favorite, and I'll be trying it out for you this Thursday so come back and check it out! In this look, I've paired this beautiful midi skirt with a cozy and slouchy sweater, Adidas sneakers (the latest tennis shoe craze) and a black backpack. You're good to go!  

Now that you've completed your course work, are you ready to get into this hot new style movement? I know I am. See you again Thursday where I'll be trying out Look 3!

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