The Oscars—a Throwback to 90s Red Carpet Glam

Since today is Oscar Sunday and 90s fashion has recently been resurfacing , I thought it would be fun to look through some old 90s Academy Award red carpet looks.

What do we still love, what do we despise and what is influencing our styles today? Let's take a closer look. 


1. Kate & Leo 1998

If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm unapologetically obsessed with Kate & Leo. Leo was my teenage heartthrob and as mad as I was at Kate for not making more room for Leo on that door, I secretly want them to be together forever and ever. I mean, who else lost their mind last year when Kate and Leo hugged it out after his first Oscar win? Someone cue the Celine Dion CD and let's make this thing official.

(takes deep breath, clears throat, tries to regroup)

Kate truly embodies every 90s trend in this Oscar look— the choker, the red lip, dark liner and spaghetti strap dress are the bread and butter of 90s fashion and young women are bringing so much of this back into their daily routine.

2. Emma Thompson, 1992 Best Actress winner for Howard's End

The 90s child in me absolutely loves this look on Emma. I'm not sure if it's that she reminds me of my mom and every 90s mom that I looked up to, or if it's that she is absolutely glowing in this photo, but either way I love it and I love her. 

Image via Into the Gloss

3. Jen Anniston, 1999


Seen here, Jennifer Anniston sporting a scarf crop and full skirt with flat ironed hair and spray tan. This look is the epitome of what we were all about to experience in the early 2000s. I'm pretty sure I wore something very similar to prom. I would like to forget about that style moment. 

Image Cred

4. Tyra Banks, 1998

Tyra looks absolutely stunning smizing (with perfection) in this strapless, sparkle dress with matching sash. The sash is SO 90s but this look could be worn today and no one would wonder why. It's timeless.  

Image via R29

5. Hugh Grant & Elizabeth Hurley, 1995

OMG... remember them? While I think Liz Hurley looks absolutely stunning in this dress, it's safe to say we're all happy men decided to start wearing better fitting suits. 

Image via Marie Claire UK

 6. Brad & Gwyneth, 1996

More terrible suits from the guys. I feel like I'm just now realizing that 90s style for men was pretty terrible. Gwyneth on the other hand, looks very heroine chic.  Can we just talk about how gross it is that we used that phrase to describe women in the 90s? But yeah, she's kinda rocking that look here. 

 Image via Screener

7. Nicole Kidman, 1997

Apparently Kidman made history in this. Only, I'm just not sure if it was historical because it was on the best or worst dressed list. I honestly just have no idea what is happening. I think it's kinda like a kimono...? But it's now vintage Dior and it has 90s embroidery. That I kinda love. 

Image via InStyle

8. Tom Hanks, 1994 Best Actor Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks, because you can't have a 90s Oscar round up without America's National Treasure.  And he looks quite dapper here. 

Image Cred News18

9. Winona Ryder, 1994

We also can't talk 90s without talking about Winona. While this dress isn't my favorite, her short 90s haircut is still everything. I'm not sure anyone has ever pulled off, what we then referred to as a pixie cut, so well. 

Image via Buzzfeed

10. Gwyneth Paltrow, 1999

Gwyneth in light pink Ralph Lauren and diamond choker is definitely one of the most iconic 90s red carpet gowns and still beautiful today. 

Image via Whorange

Even though Nicole Kidman's dress may be one of my least favorite in this group, I am really getting back into 90s embroidery and love that aspect of the dress. I'm not sure I've ever not been into it but I'm glad it's making a comeback. I also love mom jeans and oversized denim jackets.  

What are your favorite 90s trends? Are you currently rocking a choker or dark lip?

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