You Want To Know: The Scout Guide

Scout Guides Every city is dressed for fall. They are wrapped in the cardigan of must see sites. They wrap up in a scarf of flagship store shopping. They wear the hat of celebrity chef restaurants. Those pieces, the obvious ones, are worth seeing in a city. But your cardigan covers part of the intricate silk blouse of boutiques, perfectly worn denim of local artists and wrist wrought with the bangles of surprise and charm. Getting through the layers of a city isn't easy. And while spending hours scoring the interwebs for the unknown local hotspots may sound like the digital version of rummaging through you local thrift store to find a vintage Chanel bag you either A) don't actually have that kind of time or B) Hate to rummage through anything - even for vintage Chanel. Well Luvvies lets solve that problem. You want to know about The Scout Guide. First, they meet your need to find hole in the wall cuisine, antique curators, bespoke suits, custom leather boots, perfect beaches for those slow days and anything else you looking for in a number of cities. Second, they are beautiful. Leave out on a coffee table. If you live in one of these cities put it in your guest room. Get the collection and make the part of your pinterst worthy bookshelf styling. Third, the cities they cover are all ones you want to visit. Many of them Southern making them sure to be worth your travel days. Win the local lottery for places like Austin, Charleston, Napa, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Aspen, Nashville - I could go on but I won't. Last, they are loved by my source of all things worth knowing South of the Mason Dixon - Garden & Gun. They just rarely get anything wrong. Check out the site. Get you a guide. Go explore the US of A. Signature_kelsey  

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