You Want To Know: Skyscanner

There are people who enjoy the thrill of the travel planning hunt.

And there are people who want to enjoy the plans other people make.

I'm in the later category.

So when my husband introduced me to the Skyscanner iPad app and I spent a full 25 minutes playing with flight options I knew I had found a digital friend. I immediately placed it into my go-to planning repertoire and I think you should too. Even if you are a thrill of the hunt kinda gal.

The app is "oooo" "aaaaah" kind of designed (a necessity for me to spend any more than 47 seconds on a site - I get visually overwhelmed, people)


The map  functionality lets you see what costs to get you from where you will be to anywhere else in the world. And since it's on a pretty map you feel like you are exploring your options instead of failing an eighth grade multiple choice geography test (I'm talking about you alphabetical drop down list).


When you decide where to go you can look at all of your price options using a helpful graph setup. And once you've chosen a flight that bar turns green for all of us who get distracted and forget which option we were just thinking about purchasing.


You can sort by time, airport, price. And they search basically every airline you could possibly want to travel.

Good news bad news is you don't purchase the flights from their site. Once you've chosen your flights they redirect you to the airline site. This is bad because inevitably that experience is not near as seamless as the searching and choosing one on Skyscanner. Good news is you don't have to worry about an extra set of terms & conditions or restrictions that other aggregating sites add to the basic ones the airline already puts in place.

Try out Skyscanner and you might just never Expedia-dite or go Kayaking again.


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