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YWTK_kid&coe_Header-01 If you read my post last week then you know without a doubt that I am a mom. And I know that I am not the only luvvy out there (or here even) with a little one already in tow or on its way to changing your life. And even if you don't have little ones now you are likely to have 'em later. And now (or soon or later) you will come across the same problem we Hency's face every time we look to travel with our tiny person. Where the heck do we stay with this thing? They go to bed before you and if you love your own comfort and sleep you do whatever it takes to keep them asleep. If they are in the same room as you that means TV is best off or super low volume, just turning on the lights is a gamble and I bet you think twice before you partake in other married adult activities that might otherwise take place in a hotel. Then you have to consider if you can take your tiny to the restaurant or bar in the hotel. Side note: We have this monitor and we use it every. where. we. go. It makes hotel restaurants and bars possible while your bit sleeps in the room. Plus, when they are mobile everything is a toy. Breaking hotel paraphernalia sounds expensive to me. When the little gets up everyone gets up. You are in one room, it doesn't matter whose turn it is to take the morning person you somehow created from both of your tendencies to sleep in. But the people at Kid & Coe get us. They really get us. It's a "Vacation rental website that simplifies modern family travel." Sounds nice, huh? That means that really awesome modern homes in all the cool places you want to go are available for your short term travel needs. They are kid friendly - separate rooms, toys, highchairs, changing stations for babies. But they don't feel silly. In fact, they feel amazing. You might not want to go home. See for yourself.


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Guess what else they do! Well, I'll let them tell you. I'd hate to steal their thunder: "We’ve profiled the neighborhoods of each Kid & Coe destination to help guests choose the perfect place to stay. Upon booking, the City Scout is unlocked and provides a detailed online guidebook and custom map to your destination, compiled with the help of local hosts." I can not wait to try them out. Log this away Luvvies. You are going to want to solve these problems one day. Signature_kelsey

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