You Want To Know: F1 Leather

YWTK_F1 Leather

You take a surprising amount of extras on the road with you.

Passport. Currency. Receipts. ID. Personal Documents.

And those things are necessary but difficult to keep organized or (just as important) not pretty in your bag.

Flight 001 wraps your necessities in leather and labels them with gold lettering.


They label them five times. In five languages. In case you need to know what the word “documents” looks like in Korean. Or in case you want your travel stuff to look awesome.

The series is F1 Leather. They make passport covers, document holders, currency wallets, coin wallets and card holders in colors like lime, cement, cobalt blue, bright orange and tan and black (for those of us who enjoy the classics).


I would love a mix of tan, black, cement and royal blue for all of my travel do-dads. How bout you luvvies?


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