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YWTK_Artifact Uprising_Header-01 A couple of years a go a good friend of ours was having a glass of wine in our living room said, "Your house looks like it is from a magazine." Honestly, I was loving that. I worked hard to pull together a space I loved, a place I wanted people to want to be. Then he followed it up with, "And I know why. It's because you don't have any pictures of you guys or your family." I immediately stopped mentally filling out my application for the editorial team of House Beautiful. We have art on the walls but our pictures are in digital albums and archives. No personal pictures graced our tables or walls. Sad, right? Displaying pictures from your travels makes your house feel like you; it de-sterilizes your space, but it also gives you great conversation starters with guests about the places you've gone, where you want to go and how that shirt you wore to see cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. was killer four years ago but you wouldn't dream of putting it on now. I had a house from a magazine for all the wrong reasons. Don't let that be you. Here's how. Prints and picture albums from Artifact Uprising. Go to Artifact Uprising website and you are going to find books and prints made with a high quality recycled paper and lots of matte finishes. Artifact Uprising doesn't do cheesy. They do classy. They do impressive. They do pretty. Straight from your camera to your coffee table is also available via their polaroid-looking prints that sit in a rectangle wood block. No need to get frames, the wood block offers the perfect understated uniqueness that can't not work, regardless of your style. The signature prints come on 68-point stock (read: crazy thick) and they are perfectly modern. Plus they come as large as an 11x14 for only $29.99. YWTK_Artifact Uprising_Prints Updated-01 If you are like me, you love some Instagram. Ladies, Artifact Uprising gets us. They have an entire softcover book created to print your Instagram pictures. You can even create your own book using their app. Genius. If you are looking for a more formal feel, opt for hardback albums covered in a fine textured linen. The colors range from punchy yellows to saturated blues and perfectly neutral grays (my preferred choice every time). YWTK_Artifact Uprising_Albums With last week's tips for taking better pictures, you are going to have more than a few pictures that are print-worthy. Forget your magazine- House Beautiful-esque feel.  Head to Artifact Uprising and share your adventures with everyone you invite into your living room. kelsey-sig

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