You Can Totally Pull It Off: Bright Shadow for Spring

At 30 years old, I'm not always great at honoring the expected dress/ cosmetics code for women in my peer group. I spend all day teaching college students, so a lot of my inspiration for this beauty column comes from the endlessly hip and gorgeous 20-somethings that I see every day in my classes. Sometimes I have to reach out to my fiancee to gauge what I can and cannot pull off, (like the time he so correctly suggested that the rose gold platform high-tops I wanted from Aldo weren't really "appropriate for work;" god, what would I do without him?), and then other times I just buy whatever clothing or makeup comes in browns and shades of tan. Earlier this week, one of my beautiful students came into Comp II rocking the most fab jade green eye shadow. I immediately thought to myself, I could pull that off, right? Well luvvies, you're here to witness my attempt. I bought Loreal Paris' Infallible 24-Hour Eye Shadow in "Endless Sea" at my local Kroger and set to work. Keep reading to see the (spoiler alert: TOTALLY WEARABLE) final result! teal liner (11)with text To begin, I prepped both lids with Revlon's PhotoReady Eye Primer and Brightener. You've undoubtedly seen me use this product before-- I luvv it! I also applied the primer in a thin line below each eye. teal liner (7)teal liner (8) Next I applied the liquid shadow from Revlon's PhotoReady Eye Art duo tool in "Topaz Twinkle." I really luvv this eye product: one end contains the creamy, crease-proof shadow and the other end holds a sparkly liner. teal liner (5)teal liner (10) Now below each eye (right where I applied my brightening primer) I used a tiny brush to gently smudge the teal shadow across the lower lid. I tried to keep the line tight-ish so it looks deliberate and chic rather than messy and amateurish. teal liner (13)teal liner (17) I didn't want to overpower the bright shadow, so instead of applying heavy liner all the way across my upper lids, I opted for what I call "mini-wings" -- I just draw the tiniest little flick at the outer corner of each eye to create the illusion of longer, curlier lashes and larger eyes. Here I'm using the Oops Liner from Tyra Banks' cosmetics line. teal liner (19) I finished this quick style with one coat of my current mascara obsession, Roller Lash by Benefit. teal liner (20) I think this bright-eyed look really shines when paired with a soft, neutral blush. Again, this allows the colorful shadow to be the main focus of your look. teal liner (23)teal liner (26) Maybe I'm not pulling this off quite as well as my 20-year-old student; but I will argue that, for a rather sparkly, shimmery eye look, it's remarkably neutral. I feel like this teal shadow could easily accompany a LBD or a casual chambray blouse, regardless of where they were being worn (or how old the wearer might be). teal liner (31) Try finishing this look with a pinky nude lipstick! katie-sig  

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