Woodland Creature Nursery

Welcome to a tour of my son's woodland creature nursery! When we found out that we were pregnant, we decided we would co-room with our sweet little baby. Co-rooming is where you sleep with your baby in your bedroom. We chose this because we don't have a ton of space and because I'm pretty paranoid about the baby sleeping in his own room in the beginning. Also, there's a ton of research to support that co-rooming helps decrease the chance of SIDS. A lot of people co-room by putting a bassinet in their room and still set up a nursery, but we decided to split our bedroom in half - half ours, half baby. I, of course, still wanted to be able to decorate despite sharing the room, so I tried to find a good balance of decorations that were fit for a baby, but that didn't overwhelm our space. We went with a woodland creature theme which I loveeee! Here's a tour of the nursery we put together with this in mind. DSC_29991 The Crib My favorite part of our nursery is all of the homemade details. Our family and friends blessed us with some really wonderful, thoughtful homemade gifts. There's a homemade quilt and pillows. The Oliver banner and the Oliver sign and the drawing of Thom and I are also homemade. **Note, nothing should be in the crib when the baby is sleeping in said crib. We have these in the crib during the day, but remove them at night-time. Remember to always keep the crib clear and always keep your baby on his or her back. DSC_30001 DSC_30161 For the animal mounts, I took some ornaments I found at Target during Christmas and turned them into decorations. We also put the pack'n'play in the bedroom because it comes with a diaper changer and a bassinet. This allows us to have a place to change him quickly without taking up too much space. It also has wheels on it, so I can easily wheel it out into the livingroom if I need it. DSC_30081 The Library We have a book area just for Oliver. We put this in the living room instead of the bedroom because I figured I'd be more likely to use it out there. I thought if I bought this modern rocker instead of a glider, I could still use it as functional furniture. DSC_29701 DSC_29811 It's so easy to get overwhelmed with baby stuff. For those of you that are thinking about co-rooming,  you need to be ready to sacrifice some of your own stuff and be ready to organize. I tried to take a minimalist approach to what I bought for the baby. I had some fun with decorations, but when it came down to furniture, I realized I needed A LOT less than what lists online suggested. When you're thinking about buying something for your nursery, really think through how it will function with a baby and after a baby. IMG_4900 This post is Ollibear approved! Thanks for looking luvvs!! melinda-sig

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