Winter Hair Help: DIY Honey Mask

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Well gals, it's February. This means we're getting closer to the end of all this cold weather and dry air; February also means the arrival of Valentine's Day, arguably one of the luvvliest holidays. Why not celebrate all February has to offer with an easy at-home hair treatment, sure to seal moisture into your locks for the remainder of the season, while also prepping you for some major V-Day glamour?

The cold, blustery winter air can make your hair dry, brittle, and oh-so static-y. When I searched for remedies online, most sites suggested a store-bought (or even salon-bought) treatment, most with mixed reviews from users. I decided to try going the natural, homemade route, and after digging through some various "recipes," here's my favorite (and most successful!) homemade hair mask.

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 Honey has amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help sooth dry hair and lock moisture into each strand.

The idea of putting olive oil into your hair might make you cringe, but trust me: it does amazing things. Olive oil has been used on skin and hair for centuries because of its ability to help regenerate damaged cells and for its deep moisturizing properties.

The yogurt acts as a creamy binding agent for this hair mask, but can also help prevent static and frizzy ends in your hair.

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To make this simple hair mask, you will need:

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp plain yogurt

Put olive oil in a bowl and warm in the microwave. Next add in your honey and yogurt, then stir until everything is smoothly combined.

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Using your hands/fingers, apply the mask all over clean, towel-dried hair, making sure to coat strands from root to end. Once your hair is thoroughly coated with the mask, cover it with a shower cap or plastic bag. This will help to keep the heat and moisture from escaping!

Rinse your mask out with warm water after about 20 minutes. You should be able to see -- and feel -- the difference immediately! Your hair should look smoother and shinier from just one application, but I would definitely use this homemade condition every couple of weeks until the winter weather ends.

Hopefully this tutorial helps you luvvies beat the winter blues AND prepare for your Valentine's Day date.

Happy Monday! Now go put on your lipstick.


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