Winter Citrus Parfait

Shake up your morning routine with this winter citrus parfait! I've got to say, winter can get a bad wrap when it comes to fruit. We really think of the summer and spring having the best fruit, and, while the summer fruit is amazing, the fruit that is in season during the winter actually ends up being some of my favorites. Specifically, I love the winter citrus: tangerines, grapefruit, blood oranges, clementines, pomelo, and more. I've been buying a ton of winter citrus, so I decided to start trying to make some different dishes with it. Right now, I'm stuck on the parfait.IMG_08151 I know smoothie bowls are huge deal (obvs! because they're delicious!), but sometimes I'm reallllly lazy about getting out my blender. Parfaits are a good answer to the smoothie bowl. They're a quick breakfast fix, and they give you an opportunity to throw in lots of different nutritious ingredients. Parfaits can be prepared the night before (if they're properly stored with a lid) or in the morning.


INGREDIENTS Yogurt Granola Chia Seeds Coconut Honey Blood Oranges Pomelo DIRECTIONS IMG_08071 There are two different approaches to the parfait: the pretty way and the lazy way. Tastes the same either way you do it, so you do you! For the pretty way, you will choose a cup or bowl that's good for layering. This is the prefered way if you are serving this as a dessert instead of just making it for breakfast. Yes, parfaits are totally awesome, acceptable desserts. Once you have your pretty bowl or cup ready, you will layer the different parts.  Layer using the following guide (from the bottom layer up): - yogurt - cut  pomelo - coconut, granola, and chia - yogurt - cut blood oranges - coconut, granola, and chia - honey Now, if you want to make it the quick way, all you have to do is to take the ingredients and dump them into the bowl.IMG_08131   Happy eats, my sweets! melinda-sig

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