White on White: Outfit Post

Wearing white has always been a summer wardrobe staple, but never has white on white been the hottest summer trend like it is right now. The look is chic. Just as all black is chic, surprisingly, so is all white. hello luvvy style hello luvvy style Hello luvvy style shopthislook [show_shopthepost_widget id="126004"]   Wearing all white and adding a black shoe, purse, and hat is also part of this edgy, chic trend. It offsets the white making this look more modern than ever. I know that traditionally we are told to wear dark colors because they are slimming, but that tradition seems pretty silly to me.  These whites come in so many options this season that you can find the right white for every body type. I like the high-rise pencil because it accentuates the smallest part of my waist, and I added a slouchy blouse to offset how tight the skirt is. I am not sure I can explain why I like this trend so much, but it makes me think of how stunning a bride is in all white. Now we have an excuse to be stunning all the time. What do you think of the all white trend? We would luvv to know! Comment below or on Instagram @hello_luvvy. darcy-sig

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