Where To Go From London

3 Trips_Header-01 There are a handful of things people ask us when they are planning a trip to London: How do I get to my hotel from the airport? (Probably just take the tube.) Where should I have afternoon tea? (here) Where can I see Will and Kate? (I really don't know - try Kensington Palace?) If I am staying a week or longer, where else should I go besides London? This last one is a killer question. If you are in London, then the rest of Europe is really at your fingertips and it only make sense to carve out a couple days to see another city. The traditional answer to this question is Paris. And Paris is a good answer. Who doesn't want to go to Paris? It's Paris for crying out loud. But I like nontraditional answers. So here are three places you should go on your trip to London, and none of them are Paris.  Amsterdam: It's more than a red-light district, I promise.  3 Trips_Amsterdam-01 Trendy boutiques, Dutch pancakes, and espresso vendors line the streets that shoot off from the canals. The culture is laid back and friendly. The shadier spots are in their respective areas so you don't have to venture there. Amsterdam is one of the Hency family all time favorite trips. You should consider taking a couple days out from your London adventure to get here. Fly EasyJet here and then stay at Canal House if you get the chance. Beautiful dark rooms with lots of space and a killer breakfast. 3 Trips_Canal House-01   Edinburgh: A different take on Britain 3 Trips_Edinburgh-01 Scotland is beautiful. The breathtaking kind of beautiful. Just taking the train from London to Edinburgh is worth the trip to see the fields of shockingly yellow rape seed and the rolling green dotted with cottages and sheep. Edinburgh itself has something for everyone. A castle? Check. A Cathedral? They have it.  Book stores? The best. Trendy restaurant? It wouldn't be a European city without one. Plus you can easily get to the highlands from here and you will be convinced that here God's handiwork is unmatched. Take the train there and stay at Nira Caledonia for the leopard headboard, the cocktails and the views of the city. 3 Trips_Edinburgh_Nira-01   Cornwall: British for Beach 3 Trips_Cornwall-01 Cliffs that meet the ocean and coves that disappear at low tide feel properly English in this section of the UK. If you surf you can take to the waves. If you are like me, you can grab a glass of wine and some cake and watch the surfers from the hillside. Sand and rocks and cliffs and wine. I left part of my heart in Cornwall. Rent (hire) a car and drive here via the route that goes by Stonehenge, (it's all you need to see of Stonehenge anyways, I promise), then stay at The Scarlet for unmatched views, modern art, wooden hot tubs that overlook the ocean and an organic wine list. 3 Trips_Cornwall_Scarlet-01 kelsey-sig

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