When In Rome with Amanda Munoz

travel rome Cioa, Luvvies! My name is Amanda Muñoz and you may remember me from my post on Guatemala. This time I’ll be showing you around the narrow alleyways and historical monuments of Rome! My husband and I live in Guatemala as missionaries and while we love Central America, we couldn’t wait to see what Europe had to offer. Italy is home to some of the most picturesque towns, the original pizza pie and of course, gelato! While there are many places in Italy I would like to visit, we had the opportunity to visit Italy’s capital and one of the most visited cities— Rome. One thing I learned quickly from being in Rome is that it has so much to offer. So, if you’re going to Rome anytime soon here are some fun things to do “when in Rome.” When In Rome…
  • Visit The Vatican. Did you know The Vatican is considered its own country? The Vatican is comprised of 11 museums, beautiful gardens and the Sistine Chapel. You’ll see work from Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and more.
End the tour with a visit to the beautiful Basilica of Saint Peter and Saint Peter’s square. Note: you are required to cover your shoulders when inside the Basilica. travel rome
  • Eat gelato everyday. There is literally a Gelateria on every street corner. It’s too delicious not to indulge in! Chocolate and coconut were my favorite flavors!
travel rome
  • Take a tour of the Coliseum. When visiting famous sites like The Vatican and The Coliseum, I recommend going with a tour guide. This will help you bypass all the lines and give you the historical information you wouldn’t get otherwise. We went with the tour company Art Viva for both of our tours and really enjoyed it. Make sure you load up on sunscreen, as there is not much shade inside the Coliseum.
travel rome
  • Get lost in the alleyways. Lose the map for a while, wander the cute streets and see where it takes you!
One of my favorite things about Rome was the small alleyways (watch out for Vespa’s!). Each street was lined with old, colorful buildings, endless restaurants and shopping! Sometime the alleyways would even lead to a beautiful fountain, an old basilica, or some more gelato! travel rome travel rome
  • Eat some delicious Italian food!
Pizza, pasta, bread, wine, lasagna, etc…. Italy has some pretty amazing options when it comes to food! I’m a pasta over pizza kind of gal so I enjoyed the fettuccini alfredo more than any pizza I tried. Many of you are probably the opposite, but either way, Italy is the place to try both. There are SO many restaurants to choose from so don’t be afraid to try a bunch of different ones. travel rome travel rome Wear comfortable, yet stylish shoes. Unless you’re catching a cab to get to the other side of town, prepare to walk all over the place. Europe is known for its fashion, so don’t forsake style for comfort. Why not find a shoe that fits both? Almost all of Rome is paved with old, yet charming cobblestone, which makes it hard to walk on. travel rome
  • Plan for 2-3 days. There is enough in Rome to keep you busy for several days. You want enough time to fit in tours and enough time to roam around and enjoy the sites on your own. I think 2-3 days is the perfect amount of time.
  • Hop on over to another city or country!
One of the great things about Europe is the ease and affordability of travel. Whether you hop on a train to Venice, a cruise through the Mediterranean or catch a flight to a Greek island, seeing the different sites of Europe is a must! travel rome With that being said, stay tuned for my next post on the BEAUTIFUL island of Santorini, Greece! Arrivederci, Luvvies! amanda_mitch_rome Amanda Muñoz and her husband Mitch are missionaries in the beautiful country of Guatemala. She is the founder of The Thrive Collective (@_thethrivecollective), a brand that is focused on empowering others by creating opportunity using fashion and handmade goods. She enjoys photography, running and snuggling with her dog Olive. You can find her blogging over at A Beautiful Adventure (http://trekx-munoz.blogspot.com) and you can find her on instagram at @mandersmunoz.

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