What Your Favorite Mad Men Leading Lady Says About You

Betty Draper

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You were young when you starting making those big life decisions: marriage, babies, career, etc. You thought everything would be perfect, but you had no idea what you were in for. You reminisce about the days of past when you were a model and free to do what you wanted. Intense therapy doesn’t even get you feeling better, so you hold it all in and try to keep it together for as long as possible. Sometimes you take it out on your kids, but you are really a true momma bear. When you finally pop, you REALLY pop, and you shoot the neighbor's pet doves with a BB gun. Ooops!

Joan Holloway

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You’re the smart gorgeous one at work that everyone envies. You basically run the place but you get paid less than anyone.  Unfortunately,  no one will ever call you a manager. Your relationships are up and down. While you hoped for the lasting story book marriage to a Doctor, things got shady when he forced himself on you. We all knew things had taken a turn for the worse, but you would do anything for a real relationship that you deserve. You sometimes don’t have the most self-control, especially when it comes to wealthy, white-headed, older men. But hold on just a little longer, you have put in your dues and I bet your happily ever after is on the horizon.

Peggy Olson

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You are the bomb. Girls like you and men respect you.  You are smart and you are becoming more fashionable. You have proven yourself in a boardroom full of men for long enough and you are ready for the next step. We wouldn’t be surprised if you started your own firm soon. Long gone are the days when you have to explain yourself and actions. You are your own woman, independent and strong. Long gone are the days when you are in a relationship with the wrong guy. Nope! You call the shots, you make the rules. The only person you really need to stand up to is your mother. Despite this, you are constantly surprising us and we can’t wait to see what is next.

Megan Draper

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You are beautiful, talented, smart, charming, and maternal. You married the dreamboat everyone wanted and some how you tamed him. You might think women hate you because of all these things, but the truth is that you are just a little too perfect and you don’t even know it. So women don’t hate you, they just get annoyed with you. You whine about the woes of being you, when you need to wake up, open the doors to your Manhattan penthouse, and smell the coffee your husband just made for you. You are annoying everyone with your pity me BS.  You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Did I mention that you speak French and you were good at advertising?? You can sing, act, and you are fashionable. Gah! I'd say get it together or your luck might just run out.

Mad Men season 6 premieres this Sunday. You could say that I am excited.


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