What to Wear to Work: Building a look




Having recently joined the 9-5 workforce and the exciting world of publication where daily professional attire is a must, I am officially finding myself in my closet more than ever. Previously as a nurse and fashion blogger, I was dressing up for my blog for fun because I had to wear scrubs everyday. Are you curious if now that I have to look nice everyday if all the fun is taken away? Well if you are, the answer is NO. I still love it! My first week of work I was so excited I planned out daily outfits on my mobile clothes rack (I recommend doing this). This made the week fly by without spending extra time changing 5 times before leaving the house. However, every Sunday night doesn't allow time to do this and apparently neither does my closet. At week two I was trying to plan and realized, I think I will have to wear every single outfit I wore last week again. Haha! That is totally okay, but it is a realization that professional clothing has been low on the priority list.

I have found however, that if you find one item in your closet that is professional; a skirt, dress, or pants, then you can build around that item and come up with something you possibly never thought of before. With any situation, having a starting point is important. The same goes in your closet. Do you have a starting point? If not, create one. Buy a pencil skirt or a nice blouse. I bet you can find 5 shirts to go with your pencil skirt and two pairs of pants to go with that blouse.  While it is fun to talk about shopping and fashion, I don't want you to think you need to constantly indulge in consumption. That is not what HL is about. But if I can help you (and me), create a starting point and getting you out that door looking and FEELING good then I think I am doing my job.

How you are feeling today? Ready to conquer the world? I sure hope so.


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