Wedding Hair: Soft, Simple Chignon Tutorial

Last week I mentioned that I've been working on getting my skin in A+ shape for my upcoming wedding. Another aspect of my bridal look that I've also been obsessing over is my hairstyle, and thanks to the seemingly endless world of Pinterest, one dreamy updo that I'm luvving is the sleek, feminine chignon. chignon hair (3) This tutorial makes use of my favorite way to style any updo: tease, roll, and pin. If you're wondering, the teasing brush I use here (and every day of my life) is the Marilyn teasing brush and it is a GAME CHANGER. To begin, pull your hair into a low, loose ponytail-- remember that by definition, a chignon is worn at the nape of the neck. Create a hole in your hair above the ponytail elastic and pull the entire pony through, topsy-tail-style. chignon hair (32)chignon hair (30) Now tease that ponytail to your heart's desire. The bigger and poofier your pony gets, the bigger and more dramatic your chignon style will be. You may even want to use a teasing product, like hair powder or a good firm hairspray. chignon hair (27) Once your ponytail is nice and fluffy, wrap it around your hand as you see below. Don't worry about making it perfectly smooth; stray strands add to that wispy "I-woke-up-like-dis" feel. chignon hair (24) Take your puffy rolled pony and secure it against the back of your head with bobby pins. I used bobbies across the top of the roll and inside each edge, making sure to hide the pins within the fluff of the chignon. chignon hair (21) This updo is so pretty and it literally takes five minutes. And while I'm considering something "undone" like this for my bridal portraits, this chignon is also a hairstyle that you could easily rock at work or for date night. chignon hair (10)chignon hair (17)chignon hair (14) For you luvvies with medium to long hair, this soft, messy chignon is the perfect accompaniment to your lipstick-- now go put yours on. katie-sig

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