We are all 'Mericans

It is time to show our pride in the American Red, White, and Blue, and this is how we fashionably do so at HelloLuvvy.

Katie Evans

Kaitlyn Lee

Normal Girl

Lately there has truly been so much going on historically in this country to either unite us or, in sad cases, divide us. Some have asked us why we at HelloLuvvy don't cover these stories and express our own agenda on these news-worthy issues. The reason that we have collectively decided to not write about these issues is that we as a group have many differing opinions. There is no way one contributor could represent HelloLuvvy as a whole, or women in general.

Know that we do think these things are important, and we are all active political members of this country, but we created this site to be a place women could be united and connected. It is possible that we might change our minds and begin to cover these often incredible stories, however for now we just want to celebrate the 4th of July and what makes us love this country the most: our families, friends, foods, freedoms, and of course a side of fashion.

 However you decide to show your patriotic colors this coming week, make sure you choose cool and comfortable! And when you are with your friends and family just make sure you remember that no matter our differences we are all 'Mericans.


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