Washi Tape Nail Art DIY

This is the easiest most inexpensive way to jazz up your manicure!

You will need:

-Nail polish


-Washi tape

before nailsYou will begin by painting your nails a solid color. I chose Essie's "gold as gold."

tape and scissorsOnce you solid polish is dry, you will want to have your scissors  handy and select your washi tape. (I purchased my washi tape in a 4pack at Target.)

washi stripYou will cut a small strip of tape to make it easier to work with. Then, cut out your design.

cut heartI chose to cut out two hearts, one for each thumb!

stick on heartAll you have to do to finish up is stick your cut out on the nail(s) of your choice. See? Easy as pie!

finished nail

A fun way to jazz up those finger nails, don't you think?!


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