Washi Tape Hair Clip DIY

headerToday's DIY was inspired by my love for the latest line of ban.do hair accessories. Hope you luvvies enjoy!

suppliesYou Will Need:

-Washi tape

-Flat hair barrettes


1We are going to start by covering the rounded ends of your hair barrettes. Take out your washi tape, and, depending on the size of hair clip you have chosen, cut a piece of tape approximately 1inch in length.

stepsFollowing the steps shown in the images above, stick your piece of washi tape on the end of your hair clip, with a short bit hanging off the edge. Fold over the excess tape, smoothing out the tape along the edge as best you can. You will repeat this for each end of the hair clip.

7In order to cover the rest of your hair barrette, cut a piece of washi tape that you will attach vertically. Leave a very small amount of excess tape hanging off the top and bottom so that it will be easy to fold over the back of the hair clip.

8When your first piece is smoothed out and stuck down securely, your barrette will look something like the image above.

10Continue the process of sticking the tape onto the hair clip in a vertical pattern until you can see no more of the clip. This was my hair clip after one layer of tape. I was going for a more solid look, so I put down one more layer of washi tape.

11Here is my finished barrette. Much more vibrant and solid after adding the second layer of tape, don't you luvvies think?

14 I know I am looking forward to sporting all my fun new hair accessories in the coming days!


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