Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream

DSC_32871 Get ready to be OBSESSED. Thanks to one of my best friends, I have recently become totally, 100% obsessed with vegan cookie dough. I am one of those rule followers that can’t eat regular cookie dough without being incredibly afraid of getting salmonella and dying. This paranoia doubled when I was pregnant, so I’ve just stayed away from cookie dough completely which, for a cookie addict, was pretty hard. Then, my friend gave me the best solution: VEGAN cookie dough. No egg, no problem. DSC_32751 I’ve been eating this vegan cookie dough for weeks, and one day I thought to myself, I wonder if I could make an ice cream with this? Thus my vegan cookie dough recipe was born. A few years ago I made you guys a vegan spiced peanut butter as a low calorie treat out of bananas, and I thought I could use bananas for the base of this as well. I love being able to recycle kitchen experiments. This one happened to work perfectly. Follow along for easy, homemade vegan cookie dough ice cream and be pumped for this new life hack: cookie dough deliciousness without the worry! line Ingredients 3 frozen bananas 2 tablespoons vegan cookie dough (I personally love Eat Pastry's dough, but any vegan cookie dough will do) 1 tsp of vanilla 1 cup of Almond milk DSC_32601 line Directions DSC_33041 Freeze bananas the night (or a few hours before) you want to make the ice cream. Bananas are the base, and you want them to be nice and frozen to hold the ice cream-like consistency. Once your bananas are frozen, you’re ready to go. First, get out your blender or food processor. You need a powerful blender or a food processor to be able to make this. I have a Ninja and it works nicely, and a Vitamix (OH EM GEEEEE, jealous if you own one) would work amazingly. Otherwise, use a food processor. Next, slice up your frozen banana pieces. Put your banana slices in the blender, then add in the coconut, vanilla, and almond milk. Watch the consistency to determine if you should add more almond milk depending on how you like your ice cream. If you want it more like soft serve, add more milk. DSC_33251 Now go scarf some vegan cookie dough, and feel happy that I *might* have saved your life :P. Happy Eats My Sweets,  

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