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Valentine's Day Dress

by 1 February 11, 2016

valentine's day dressFloral Maxi, Vivacious Lace-Up Sandal, Red Clutch, Tassel Bracelet

I'll be honest, if something is too fancy I usually don't even give it a chance. I may admire it from afar and on other women, but truthfully, I feel a little uncomfortable in something so dressy.

This magnificent dress was no different. I admired it when it was first unpacked at Maude, then again as different women tried it on. But then one night, after everyone had gone home, I decided to try it on. I luvved how feminine and fun it made me feel.

I understand when women feel uncomfortable in dresses or certain outfits because I feel that way in something as extravagant as this dress, but it's always fun to push yourself out of your comfort zone and give it a try. You may luvv the results!

Valentine's day dress valentine's day dress with red clutch valentine's day dress, tassel bracelet valentine's day dress-vivacious heel valentine's day dress

Have you ever pushed yourself and luvved the results?