Valentine's Day 2016 Hair Tutorial

February is for luvvers. Especially this coming Sunday, which (according to the ungodly amount of heart-shaped boxes in the "Seasonal" aisle at Kroger) is Valentine's Day. People hate on V-Day, but I actually kind of love it. I get to dress up and go out on a grown-up date with my husband, then come home and stuff myself with chocolates. Valentine's Day is also a great excuse to rock a "fancy" hair style, which brings me to today's tutorial. valentines hair 2016 (14) text For this Dutch braid/bun combo, you'll want to start with day-two hair. Use a comb to create a wide side part (I use the arch of my eyebrow as a guide). Make sure to continue your part down the back side of your head, keeping it as straight as possible. valentines hair 2016 (47) On the heavier side (with more hair), use a clip to secure all the hair. valentines hair 2016 (46) Now on the side with less hair, you're going to start a Dutch braid, which is exactly like a French braid except you pull hair under the center piece rather than over. valentines hair 2016 (44)valentines hair 2016 (42)valentines hair 2016 (40) As you work, pull the braid tight back toward your ear. Once you've braided behind your ear, stop and secure the end of your braid with a small clear elastic. valentines hair 2016 (37) Gently pull on the loops of your braid to give it some volume. valentines hair 2016 (38) Now that your braid is done, we can work on the other side of your hair. Take the heavier side down from your clip and use a comb to section off the hair from your ear forward. Use a curling iron to curl the hair in this front section, (which I actually split into two smaller sections), then use clips to pin those curls up. valentines hair 2016 (35)valentines hair 2016 (36) This step not only ensures the prettiest, bounciest curls for the front of this look, but it also gets this front section of hair out of the way so you can work on twisting the back section into a bun. With the remaining hair at the back of your head, you're going to create a simple twist bun. Gather all your hair like you're going to put it into a low ponytail, but instead twist it over itself. valentines hair 2016 (32)valentines hair 2016 (31)valentines hair 2016 (29)valentines hair 2016 (30) Use bobby pins to secure your bun. valentines hair 2016 (27) Now slip the clear elastic from the end of your braid, then gently wrap the tail-end of the braid around your newly-secured bun. Use bobby pins to secure. valentines hair 2016 (26) Once the bun is taken care of, it's time to take down your front curls! This look is sort of a reverse mullet: business in the back, party in the front! valentines hair 2016 (22) You'll want to give your curls a little bit of a back-comb before spraying them with some strong hairspray. I always spray my curls along the bottom so they will stay bouncier. valentines hair 2016 (21) Smooth out where you teased your front curls and you are good to go! valentines hair 2016 (20) This is such a pretty, edgy, fun Valentine's Day look. It may seem slightly complicated because of all the steps, (and this photo-heavy post!), but I promise it isn't difficult to pull off at all. valentines hair 2016 (12)valentines hair 2016 (15)valentines hair 2016 (17) The bobby pins keep this look in place all night, and the braid gives it just enough structure to hold up through date night, while still being a total show-stopper.   valentines hair 2016 (1) Have a happy Valentine's Day, luvvs! katie-sig    

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