V-I-C-T-O-R-Y: Easy 40's Hair Tutorial

Welcome back, luvvies! We hope you all had an amazing Independence Day weekend with your friends and family. We celebrated last week by sharing what the 4th means to each of us here at Hello Luvvy; in that post, I was experimenting with a super-fun 40's hairstyle: the victory rolls. That look was not only all-American, but pretty simple to accomplish as well. So if you're interested in creating some victory rolls of your own, keep reading! 1) I started by lightly curling my hair. This gives my normally straight, fine hair some much-needed texture and volume. 2) Once I got my hair curled, I sectioned it off into three big areas of hair. I twisted the largest section (which will hang down loosely once my victory rolls are in place) into a loose bun at the nape of my neck. I then secured the front two sections (divided by a middle part) with metal duckbill clips. victory rolls_collage1 3) Using a teasing brush, I created major volume in one of my front sections by gently back-combing the hair. I intensified the teasing power by using a volumizing powder. victory rolls_collage2 4) To create the first roll, I wrapped the end of my back-combed section of hair around two fingers and gently rolled the hair toward my head. 5) Once I got the section rolled pretty tightly against my head, I used two bobby pins to hold it it place: one I entered from the front of the roll, the other I pushed in from the back. victory rolls_collage3 6) I created the second roll the same way: tease, roll, pin. I finished up with a hearty amount of hairspray to lock in the look. victory rolls_collage4 For this style, I started with my hair parted in the middle. As you can see from my earlier experience with the victory rolls, the style looks just as dreamy with a deep side part. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's the Monday battle cry! victory rolls (33) Have a great week, luvvies. Now go put on some lipstick! katie-sig

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