Tutorial: Fresh Flush with Cream Blush

As a someone with a rounder face, I LUVV the effects of a simple contoured look; however sometimes that "simple" style can demand three different contouring powders and a variety of brushes with which you must apply them. In the summer months, this sort of labor-intensive makeup regiment just will not do. Plus, if you've checked out any major fashion spreads lately, the beauty looks are fittingly stripped down: rather than seeing models' hollowed out cheeks and shimmery cheekbones, most looks are more about making the face look sun-kissed and flushed. This week I really wanted to give this flushed trend a try-- especially since it goes so well with our beachy theme for the month! In today's post I'm using  a palette of cream blushes by The Balm called "How 'Bout Them Apples?" and I have to say, I am obsessed with their cute, kitschy packaging. cream blush (1) Here I am using the brightest pink of all the apple-themed blush shades ("Pie"); this particular shade is the perfect color for recreating the "kissed-by-the-sun" glow. cream blush (6) One awesome thing ab0ut using cream blush is that it is super easy to apply. Just dab a bit onto your fingertips, dot it onto the apple of each cheek, and then use the warmth of your fingers to carefully blend each cheek outward. Make sure you apply it high up on the apples-- wearing your blush too low on your face can make you look older. cream blush (8)cream blush (11)cream blush (14) Tips: Cream blush wears best on top of powder (as opposed to liquid foundation). Also remember that less is more! You can always go back and add more product if you need it. cream blush (27)cream blush (23) Pretty easy, right? Using cream blush to create this flushed look gives you a sunny pop of color in a snap. Oh! And most cream blushes can double as lipstick. Just saying. katie-sig

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