Travel Shoe-Ins


It turns out your feet are actually very useful when you travel. If you are going somewhere without a beach/pool made for multiple lazy hours in a row (which honestly is one of my favorite things in all of creation), you are going to need to stand on the feet God gave you and use them to get you around. My very scientific guess is that 9/10 of you have taken a trip and regretted your shoe selection. 90% of you brought the shoes you love because they catch people's attention and those heels/strappy sandals/patent leather flats/wedges (yeah, those too) take mornings of power meetings, afternoons of brunch and shopping with the girls, and even a night of dancing like a champ. Listen to me. This is coming to you friend to friend, girl-who-has-blister-scars to girl-who-doesn't-want-blister-scar. Your busiest typical day at home isn't the same as getting lost on the streets of Izmir, Turkey dragging your luggage across cobblestone streets in the crazy heat searching for someone who speaks those six special english words, "This way to the bus station." (True story) I have found two go to shoes for city travels. I want to share them with you. These are my suggestions for the next four months of travel in the lands that stay cool until it's actually summer (read: not Texas or the Bahamas). These boots. I love these boots and have some so very similar. "Wait!" You say, "Those have heels!"  It's true. You are a master of observation. I am not here to lead you astray. All lift is not your enemy. The heels on these boots are sturdy, they take all types of walking roads like a champ and if it rains they keep you just high enough out of the water to not be completely water logged. No one likes to have pruney toes when they didn't even get in the bath. Plus, hunter boots don't leave lots of room for clothing in a carry on. Find a favorite pair of boots and treat them right, with love and a cleaner every now again. boots The fashion world has given every traveler a glorious gift. The trend of the hightop sneaker. High tops with boyfriend jeans, high tops with skinnies, high tops with skirts even if they are minis. Yes, I love this fashion gift so much that it puts me in the mood to write little rhymes. These Nike's with the animal print would be my choice if I didn't already have a black pair with a gold nike check. Get you a pair of these and you won't think twice about walking between every monument or staying a little longer at that market. Plus, you get points for looking like you packed a touch of fashion edge. Nike-Blazer-Mid-Suede-Damenschuh-586304_001_A As they say, these shoes are made for walking. Signature_kelsey

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