Travel Series Stephanie Parsley in Paris: Day 3 & 4

On our third day in Paris there was no shortage of excitement to discover.  We started the day by visiting the Catacombs of Paris, also known as "The Worlds Largest Grave." We had to take a SUPER long staircase down to the very bottom of the burial where we read all the history and walked through the tunnels that led to the graves. Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset PENTAX_0065 It was crazy to see actual human remains in real life and even touch them! PENTAX_0064 If any of you ever go to Paris, I definitely recommend visiting the Catacombs.  We then decided to go see the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful, especially on the inside. Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset PENTAX_71 PENTAX_69 We did a quick tour of the cathedral but didn't stay too long because it was packed with tourists. Plus we really wanted to try a sorbet place we had been told to visit near by. We walked through the neighborhoods in the Marais district, which is a historic neighborhood filled with beautiful old buildings and shops. We visited cute flower shops and went inside a boutique where Ryan bought me a cat clock that swings its tail every second (yeessssssssssss!). Once we got to Berthillon (the sorbet shop) we had strawberry and coconut sorbet and it was amazing-- so amazing that we walked all the way back later that week just to get more! PENTAX_81 PENTAX_80 PENTAX_77 Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset PENTAX_74 Another tourist attraction we were anxious to see was the Champs-Élysées. It was absolutely stunning, but at this point it was raining really hard and my feet were killing me, (wear comfortable shoes when you visit!), and all we wanted to do was finish up our day and get back to the hotel. So after seeing the Champs-Élysées we passed out in a random hotel lobby, got in trouble, and then walked to Ladurée right near the Champs-Élysées. I love this sweet shop so much, and every time I go to New York I make sure to make a trip there to get their famous macarons (I'm a huge Gossip Girl fan, so if anyone knows Blair Waldorf they know that Ladurée is her favorite place to get macarons). PENTAX_084 PENTAX_085 PENTAX_86 After a long day out in Paris we ended it at a local Thai restaurant, Thai at Home.  By day four in Paris we were ready to relax. We had spent every day waking up early and walking around sight-seeing, so we were exhausted and decided to have a more laid-back vacation day, which was perfect because it was Valentine's Day! And thankfully it was rainy for a big portion of that day, so we didn't feel too bad for not getting out. When I woke up Ryan surprised me with flowers, chocolate, candles, chips and wine. I got us some macarons from Ladurée and a card that basically sums up how I feel about Ryan.   Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset That night we tried our luck at getting a table at Gentle Gourmet -- a really popular vegan restaurant that we were told to visit -- but they were already booked up for the day; so instead we shopped in their grocery section and then went to eat pizza. We applied our new groceries at the pizza place and had a "cheese" pizza with "pepperoni" and it was actually really, really good. The cheese we purchased is called Vegusto and I swear I wanted to smuggle it back into the U.S.!  When we got back to our hotel we slept for like 3 hours, ate at The Loving Hut (again) for dinner, and then came back to the hotel to watch movies and celebrate Valentine's Day. Stephanie Parsley is a photographer based in Central Arkansas. She loves traveling all over the world to take pictures. We here at Hello Luvvy feel so fortunate to share photos and stories from her first-ever European vacation! Come back next Friday for the final installment of her travel series. 

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