Travel-bration: Celebrate On The Go

[caption id="attachment_6773" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Picture of a Polish celebration for the Summer Solstice. source: flickr: adam.brosz Picture of a Polish celebration for the Summer Solstice. source: flickr: adam.brosz[/caption] Champagne automatically makes a moment celebratory. Everything feels a touch more special if your glass is sparkling. A cake turns any gathering into an event. If fact, you have my permission to live by the rule, "If there is a cake, you can send an invitation." But a trip--  y'all, a trip turns whatever occasion life has given you to celebrate into a milestone.  If the reason to have champagne and serve cake is big, a getaway only makes it bigger - milestone big. I love cake (or cookies, or macaroons, or chocolate covered strawberries, or eclairs or pie - you get the point) and champagne, but gathering people I love and getting the heck out of dodge really draws out an occasion. And I don't know about you, but the longer I have to give the reason, "Why not?!? We are here to celebrate!", the better. So today I am here to advocate for travel-brating. You know, traveling in order to best celebrate something amazingly. Any number of things are travel-bration worthy, but I want to give you a real-life example. Graduations are a big thing, right? I sure think so. And you usually celebrate them with close friends and family, with a party or a dinner (the champagne-and-cake part). I like that. I am so pro- that idea, and I want to keep it up no matter what. But our close group of friends has added travel-bration to the graduation occasion. In my close group of friends we have five couples and one or both of the people in each couple was/is in some sort of higher education program. Medical school, law school, seminary - that kind of stuff. Upon graduation from their individual programs, the couple chooses a destination dinner. Any restaurant they want to go to, anywhere, and we all leave home, travel to the destination for a couple days and eat a ridiculously amazing dinner. Once -in-a-lifetime kind of dinners. We call them gastro-ventures. And each couple spends months, if not a year or more, thinking about their destination. The anticipation is part of the fun. When it finally arrives, everyone feels like they have graduated because so much fun is to be had by all. When we get to wherever we are going, we laugh, talk, explore a new place, and eat like kings; but we also take the time to really encourage the people who have worked so hard to finish what they started. [caption id="attachment_6774" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Part of our group of ten during a gastro-venture in Paris Part of our group of ten during a gastro-venture in Paris - Pink shirt and child is just a random addition :)[/caption] When you leave town, the focus is on the people you are celebrating. The catalyst for everything you do is the occasion. It's impossible to forget why you are there. Traveling is making the big thing bigger. We have been on two trips so far and I can easily say I hope someone always goes back to school. And if we don't, we have to find something else to travel-brate. Anniversaries, birthdays that end with a "5" or a "0," the rapid approaching addition of a new little person, life changes like a new job, meeting a life goal or entering into a new phase of life, like parenthood, are travel-bration worthy. There's something or someone in your life worthy travel-brating. Figure it out, then open some bubbly and eat cake in a different city than the one you sleep in most nights.

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