Top Picks for Red Lips

If there's one absolute must-have for every girl's holiday makeup bag, it's red lipstick. I've had a life-long love of red lipstick; all the grown-up ladies of my southern childhood wore red lips, so in my mind that look has always been connected with the easy strength of the femininity, with all things powerful. In today's post, I'll be sharing my go-to red as well as four other best-selling shades that will get you in the holiday spirit in a snap. 1. Mattelustre Lipstick in "Classic Red," by Pixi red lips 2015 (2) This is my current favorite red lipstick for a few reasons: 1) It came from Target so it's easy on the eyes AND the wallet; 2) the "mattelustre" finish is the perfect blend between the velvet finish of a matte lip color and the shiny finish of a gloss; 3) the shade is perfect and completely buildable, so you can create a softer red look or a full-on bold red lip. 2. Semi-matte Lipstick in "VIP Red," by NARS NARS VIP red All you lipstick-obsessed luvvies out there probably have a tube of NARS's semi-matte lipstick, as it's pretty much the standard when it comes to on-trend lip colors. And there's a reason this product is so wildly popular-- it's creamy, it wears well (like, allllll day long), and it's super hydrating for dry winter lips. This "VIP Red" shade is the dreamiest brick red and would be a perfect pick for holiday parties (or cheering on the Razorbacks!). 3. Color Riche Collection in "Zoe's Red," by L'Oreal Paris loreal zoes red This shade from L'Oreal Paris is actually from their exclusive red lipstick collection; that being said, it's still only around $9. After reading some reviews online, I ordered this shade for myself! Most users say it's not drying, that it provides a perfect soft matte finish, and that it's a long-lasting product. Plus this shade, "Zoe's Red," is an excellent choice for someone who wants to wear a darker red lip (as opposed to the more orange-y shades that are everywhere this season). 4. Lip Color Shine in "Willful" by Tom Ford tom ford willful Oooooh, Tom Ford. I feel fancy just including this product on my list. This lipstick is probably the glossiest on our list today, as even describes its look as a "lustrous high shine." If you're more comfortable with a highly-moisturizing, shinier lipstick (than with a potentially drying matte shade), this one's for you. Yes, it might be a little pricier than the Pixi or L'Oreal Paris products, but it will be worth it. 5. Essential Lipstick in "Fearless," by e.l.f. elf fearless Another drugstore obsession: all things e.l.f.! And I am hands-down obsessed with this mega-affordable shade. Since "Fearless" has some blue undertones, it will make your teeth look whiter! Plus, this product is only $1. Not kidding! If you've never worn anything from e.l.f. before, or if you've been hesitant because it's so cheap, try this lipstick. You'll never look back! A good southern girl knows the power of a bold red lip, and I just luvv all five of these shades. Maybe I'm still feeling myself after that amazing Razorback win over the weekend! red lips 2015 (4) What's your go-to shade of red? katie-sig  

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