Top Five Sunless Tanning Products for 2016

Well luvvies, the warmer weather has arrived; and with it comes longer days, lighter clothing, and the inevitable desire to show off some skin. By now you all know the dangers of baking your skin in the tanning bed, so every spring I compile a list of the best and brightest sunless tanning products. This year's list includes some incredible new brands, as well as some trusty favorites from years past. Keep reading for info on the most natural-looking bottle tans available for Summer 2016.
  1. Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid fake bake flawlessHow have I never heard of this brand before? Because until now, it has been the celebrities' best-kept secret. This Fake Bake Flawless self-tan liquid is professional grade, as the price might suggest (~$28)-- but girls, it is so worth it. This kit comes with a professional application mitt to keep your palms clean and to ensure a perfect, streak-free sunless tan.
  2. James Read Self Tan Mousse james read self tan mousse It seems like mousse is really having a moment, and in regards to self-tanners, I am loving them. This bronzing mousse from James Read is one of the shorter-lasting treatments on our list, but the ease of application (and the beauty of the resulting tan!) earned it a spot on my list. After applying the mousse your tan should appear within three to five hours, and will last around 5 days.
  3. St. Tropez In-Shower Gradual Tan St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan LotionAnd now for something totally new and wonderful: The St. Tropez In-Shower tanning lotion. St. Tropez almost always has a product on my must-have self-tanner list, but this in-shower treatment (made for daily use!) is the first lotion of its kind. Apply it all over while in the shower then rinse after three minutes to build a beautiful, natural-looking tan. I love that this product is essentially fool-proof: since you use it daily in the shower and then rinse it off, it's damn near impossible to over-apply. This one wins the "Easiest Home Tan" award.
  4. Bare Minerals Faux Tan Face bare minerals faux tan faceIf you're concerned with skin care on your face, but still interested in scoring an at-home sunny glow, meet the brilliant Faux Tan Face by Bare Minerals. You don't have to sacrifice any of the important effects of your daily moisturizer with this product; it delivers an even, buildable tan while still locking in moisture and pampering skin with natural emollients and extracts.
  5. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Serum L'Oreal self tanning serumY'all. I will never get over my first self-tanner love: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze. For real though, I've been using this brand for a decade, and it continues to evolve and offer new and amazing ways to achieve a lovely at-home glow (without breaking the bank). The latest (and potentially greatest) sunless tanning product from Sublime Bronze is the self-tanning serum, which just sounds fancy and fabulous. The beauty of this product -- aside from the low cost -- is its lasting power. One application of this serum will give you up to two weeks of glowing skin. Sublime, indeed.
Alright, luvvies. Exfoliate those pasty legs and prepare for sunless tanning heaven. Are you a mousse girl? Or maybe the luxury of the word "serum" has made your mind up for you? No matter which of the above self-tanners you choose, you'll be "browner than a biscuit," as my mother says, and more than ready to attend that first wedding/baseball game/lake trip of the summer.  

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