Top 5 Holiday Advent Calenders

top 5 holiday advent calenders
  1. These printable tags, from Simple As That, are perfect for putting one gifts to count down to Christmas!
top 5 holiday advent calenders.jpg 2 2. For adorable tiny gifts or prompts, these boxes by Hey Look are too cute! To make things more fun, you could hide them around the house using them as the perfect scavenger hunt prize. :) top 5 holiday advent calenders.jpg 3 3. These trees boxes, by Oh Happy Day, are such a classic way to count down to christmas. Include holiday activities in the boxes and each day do the activity with family. Don't forget to take photos!! top 5 holiday advent calenders.jpg 4 4. This advent calendar, by Andrea Dozier, is so unique and could really be created to show off all of your favorite things about the holidays. top 5 holiday advent calenders.jpg 5 5. Last, I'm sharing one of the most simple but adorable advent calendars I've found (from Hey Look.) It's perfect for those of you who don't quite have the time to create an elaborate count down, but you still don't want to miss out on all of the holiday activity challenges an advent calendar gives you. The activities can just be wrote on the back of each number. :) I know it isn't thanksgiving yet, but advent calendars can take some time to build if you want to make a more creative one. Wrapping up some last-minute holiday crafts before thanksgiving can make actually enjoying the holiday season even more special because you can spend more time visiting with family without missing out on your favorite DIY's of the season. Best of both worlds, right? I hope you all have a happy weekend! Luvv, Jessica

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