Top 5 For Your First Trimester!

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Getting through the first trimester of pregnancy isn't easy for a lot of us. You are elated to find out you are expecting, only to feel terrible for the next few months. This, at least, was my experience. I decided to put together a little list of a few things that made my life a little bit easier during this time. Oh, and good news ladies, so far the second trimester is proving to be much smoother! You can do this!

yoga pantsFirst thing's first. The first few months of pregnancy you are completely exhausted. A good pair of yoga pants are your best friend. right after work, all I wanted to do was slip into something comfy.

preggie pop dropsI know this isn't the case for everyone, but I pretty much felt nauseous all the time. Preggie pop drops provided some temporary relief (thank you, citric acid). Plus, they are pretty tasty.

picklesHowever stereotypical, during the first trimester of my pregnancy, this is one of the only things that tasted remotely good to me. I was even picky about the brand of pickle. In most stores, the Claussen pickles are found by the lunch meat, not on the pickle aisle, fyi. :)

burt's beesSmell sensitivity is obviously common during pregnancy. This peppermint & rosemary body wash was incredibly soothing to my sensitive nose.

gummiesFinally, did you know they made gummy prenatal vitamins?! These are so great if you are having trouble swallowing pills because it makes you throw up or gag. I will say, however, that my doctor requested that I switched to a vitamin with an iron supplement once my morning sickness subsided.

There you have it, luvvies! Of course this is all a matter of opinion, and every pregnancy is different. Still, these few things made life a little easier for me, so I hope it helps some of you!


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