Toast Bar - How to Create Your Own Toast Bar

[caption id="attachment_9428" align="aligncenter" width="700"]ricotta-crostini-final-1-770x513 via Honestly Yummy[/caption] A few months ago, I noticed that quite a few of the food articles I was reading kept mentioning toast as this new artisanal trend that was popping up on the West coast. At first I though this trend mostly fell on the rising interest in avocado toast, but as this trend has continued spreading, with pop up toast restaurants in various cities across the nation, it's clear it's here to stay. One fact that is evident in this toast-splosion, is that toast is so much more versatile than our standbys of butter and jelly would suggest. Just like Bloody-Mary bars have exploded due to their adaptable taste, I think the toast bar could be the next great craze. Next time you are making brunch, I challenge you to try out my guide to creating your own toast bar. You'll be the toast of the town, luvv!


For setting up, you will need a platter for toast, some separate serving bowls, and some paper. Once you choose what toppings you like, you can set them out and allow the people your cooking for to make their own special toast. In addition to letting people experiment with toast, you can write out some suggested recipes like the ones below. I love the idea of letting your guest create their own, but also teaching them how to combine flavors in a new way.


There are a lots of different suggested ways to cook toast, regardless of how you cook the toast, the first step will always be to choose good bread. You want the thickest, freshest bread you can find. If you can make it or get it from a local bakery, awesome, if not, go for ciabatta, challah, or a baguette at your grocery store. If you're wanting to buy a loaf, be mindful of the thickness and freshness of the particular brand you're choosing. I think all bread is fantastic, so ultimately whatever you choose will still probably be great. Choose what you think will best absorb flavor. 7283285562_c3f51e6277_o After you have your good bread, you need to heat it up. My favorite toast is cooked in a cast iron skillet. You want your skillet to be hot, like meat cooking hot, before you cook the toast. I butter the toast ahead of time and then cook it in the piping hot cast iron skillet. You want to ensure that you are flipping over the bread constantly so that it  doesn't get blackened. The hotter the bread, the better the spread will be. When you're serving your toast bar, make the toast to order. As soon as the toast comes off the skillet, you will give it to the person to top as they wish.


When setting up your awesome toast bar, there are SO many ingredients you can choose from. Here's a list of basics that can really turn your toast into something fantastic. Put these in the separate serving bowls you will have set up as part of your toast bar spread. Cheeses: Goat cheese, gorgonzola, cream cheese Meat: Prosciutto, Lox Misc: local honey, local jams, avocado, rosemary, salt, sun dried tomatoes, nuts One placards, or cute stationery, you should provide some flavor combination guides for the people you're cooking for, but also suggest people play around with different flavors. There are so many fun ways to combine these ingredients to get salty, savory, and sweet results.



Goat Cheese + Honey + Nuts + Rosemary

via Seasons and Suppers

DSC_1241 Avocado + Goat Cheese  and Avocado + Crushed Red Pepper by Moi!

toast, toast bar, fancy toast Cream Cheese + Basil + Sun-dried Tomatoes

(the recipe calls for fresh tomatoes, but try sun-dried to add to the savory taste of this toast, via A Beautiful Mess)

Prosciutto + Gorgonzola + Jam

What are some other combinations that you think would taste great? Comment below! Happy Eats My Sweets, melinda-sig

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